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High School Basketball

November – March

Extensive coverage of St. Joseph and Marian High School Boys and Girls Varsity basketball games. We follow all 4 teams as far as they go into the post season.

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Nov. 21

St. Joseph vs. John Glenn G John Glenn 7:15 pm

Nov. 28

Marian vs. Penn G Marian 7:15 pm
Dec. 5  St. Joseph vs. Riley G St. Joseph 5:45 pm
  St. Joseph vs. Riley B    
Dec. 8  Marian vs. SB Adams B Adams 7:15 pm
Dev. 15  Marian vs. John Glenn G Marian 6:45 pm
Dec. 22  Marian vs. SB Mishawaka G SB Mishawaka 5:45 pm
  Marian vs. SB Mishawaka B    
Jan. 9  Marian vs. St. Joseph G St. Joseph 5:45 pm
  Marian vs. St. Joseph B    
Jan. 12  Marian vs. SB RIley B Marian 7:15 pm
Jan. 16  Marian vs. NorthWood G Marian 6:45 pm
Jan. 18  St. Joseph vs. Penn G St. Joseph 7:15 pm
Jan. 19  St. Joseph vs. Penn B St. Joseph 7:15 pm
Jan. 25  St. Joseph vs. SB Washington G SB Washington 7:15 pm
Jan. 26  St. Joseph vs. SB Washington B SB Washington 7:15 pm
Feb. 2 St. Joseph vs. LaPorte
Sectional Semifinals
G Penn 5:45 pm
Feb. 16  Marian vs. Penn B Marian 7:15 pm
Feb. 23  St. Joseph vs. SB Mishawaka B SB Mishawaka 7:15 pm
March 2

Marian vs. John Glenn
Sectional Semifinals

B SB Washington 5:45 pm
March 2 St. Joseph vs. Culver Academy
Sectional Semifinals
B SB Washington 7:15 pm

* All game time subject to change due to prior games played
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