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"Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him."
Mark 1:3

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The word Advent derives from the Latin word meaning coming. During Advent we recall the history of God's people and reflect on how the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament were fulfilled.

During Advent, Redeemer Radio will have prayers, reflections, information and projects to do by yourself or with your family.

Prayers & Reflections

On Twitter we will be posting daily Bible verses and nightly prayers.  Retweet them to your friends or reply on what it meant to you.  Don't have Twitter?  You can still see the tweets on our Social Media page!

Intention Tuesday
Facebook and Twitter will have Intention Tuesday's where we ask for your prayers intentions.  The staff of Redeemer Radio then remember you and your intentions during our daily staff prayer.  Check Facebook and Twitter every Tuesday, or e-mail your intentions to


What is Advent?  Why is it called Gaudete Sunday?  Who is St. Nicholas and why do we celebrate him?  Find answers to these questions right here!

What is Advent
Advent Wreath Blessing Link
Feast of St. Nicholas Link


Mission Mondays

Every Monday of Advent we have Mission Mondays.  It is an exciting way to share some of your own family traditions through word and picture!  Check out the Mission Monday list below, or wait to see the 'mission' on Facebook or Twitter.

Each week we will be sharing a different point of your advent season.  Take a picture, write a little caption, share your name if you would like, and e-mail it to

Monday, December 2, 2013 - Advent Wreath

Take a photo of your Advent wreath!  Does your family have any traditions when it come to lighting the candles?

Monday, December 9, 2013 - Jesse Tree

Take a photo of your Jesse Tree!  Haven't started one yet?  It is never too late, check out the sudio clips and start your own today!  Does your family have any traditions when it comes to the Jesse Tree?

Monday, December 16, 2013 - Nativity Scene

Take a photo of your Naticity Scene!  A beautiful tradition that is believed to have been started by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223 ad.  When does your family put up your nativity?  Do you have any traditions to make it special?

Monday, December 23, 2013 - Christmas Tree

Take a photo of your Christmas Tree!  With Christmas around the corner we have been preparing our hearts and minds during the Advent season, but many still put up the Christmas tree earlier than Christmas.  What traditions does your family have to put up the tree?

Daily Jesse Tree
Tune into AM 1450, 89.9 FM or online daily through Advent for the Daily Jesse Tree Spot.  Learn more about a member of Jesus' family tree and about salvation history!

Each day there is an ornament that you hang on your own Jesse tree, seen the links for eah day below, or you can download the Ornaments all on one page!

Check Twitter for the daily audio links to the Daily Jesse Tree story or check below.  Then start your own Jesse Tree at home.

Sunday December 1   Audio  
Monday December 2 Genesis 1:1-23 Audio Ornament
Tuesday December 3 Genesis 1:24-31 Audio Ornament
Wednesday December 4 Genesis 3:1-15, 20-23 Audio Ornament
Thursday December 5 Genesis 6:5-20, 7:1-23, 8:1-17, 9:1-13 Audio Ornament
Friday December 6 Genesis 12:1-5, 13:14-16, 18:1-10, 21:1-3 Audio Ornament
Saturday December 7 Genesis 22:1-14 Audio Ornament
Sunday December 8 Genesis 27:41-44, 28:10-17 Audio Ornament
Monday December 9 Genesis 37:3-4, 17-28 Audio Ornament
Tuesday December 10 Exodus 2:1-10, 3:1-12 Audio Ornament
Wednesday December 11 Exodus Chapters 7-14, 19, 32 Audio Ornament
Thursday December 12 1 Samuel Chapter 3 Audio Ornament
Friday December 13 1 Samuel Chapter 16 Audio Ornament
Saturday December 14 1 Samuel 17, 19:1-2 Audio Ornament
Sunday December 15 1 Kings Chapter 3 Audio Ornament
Monday December 16 1 Kings Chapters 17-18 Audio Ornament
Tuesday December 17 2 Kings Chapters 5 Audio Ornament
Wednesday December 18 Isaiah Chapter 6 Audio Ornament
Thursday December 19 Jeremiah Chapter 31 Audio Ornament
Friday December 20 Luke Chapter 1 Audio Ornament
Saturday December 21 Luke Chapter 1 Audio Ornament
Sunday December 22 Luke Chapter 1 Audio Ornament
Monday December 23 Matthew Chapter 1 Audio Ornament
Tuesday December 24 Luke Chapter 2 Audio Ornament

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