Mary Cross Tippmann had a very special relationship with God...

Mary Cross TippmannIt was not stiff and formal. It was not worshipping from afar. Mary’s relationship with God was intimate. He was her friend, her confidante. There was a bond of trust between them that circumstances could not threaten.

Mary Cross Tippmann was never unsure about God. Ever. She never questioned His will. She never doubted His Providence. She instilled upon her children the importance of their own relationship with God.

She instilled this feeling in all of her 16 children, that God was their personal friend and confidonte, and He would provide for their needs and those of their family. She also instilled in her children the importance of family, the importance of trusting in God and the importance of sharing His gifts.

She also said in later years that it was okay to have money, but it mattered what you do with it. She knew that everything was from God – we are merely caretakers of what He gave us. She felt that we have the responsibility to do God’s work with His gifts.
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