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What is Sharathon?

Nick and Ann Gray - Sharathon Chair CoupleSharathon is a celebration of our Catholic community, and it is Redeemer Radio’s twice-yearly, live-on-air fundraiser. It is 48-hours of exciting and engaging stories. Redeemer Radio is changing lives, and your support makes it possible. Tune in and listen for the people you know and the priests you love while hearing the latest on what’s happening with the local parishes, schools and apostolates in our listening area.

Spring 2015 Sharathon is Tuesday, April 28 through Friday, May 1. The Chair Couple this year are Nick and Ann Gray.  Our Spring Sharathon theme is — Casting Our Nets.

Pledge by:

Phone: (888)436-1450
Online: Donate
In Person: Come into the Redeemer Radio studios and bring in your pledge in person! Pledge Coupon

South Bend Help    

Are you a 95.7 FM listener?  Our Sharathon is around the corner and we are looking for individuals that would like to help out at our South Bend staff with Time, food and/or prayers. If you think that you might be able to help us with anything listed below, please let us know by calling Jennifer at the South Bend Office at 574.822.1587

We have a variety of volunteers positions and times open that we need to fill.  From a greeter, welcoming our guests, to helping everything run smoothly in the studio.

We are looking for help in finding some food and snacks to help nourish and sustain our volunteers and staff during the entire 4-day Sharathon.  We have a wish list of food that you might be able to help us with.

Breakfast: Yogurt, bagels, donuts, hard boiled eggs, OJ, apple Juice, milk, cream cheese, butter

Lunch: Veggie Tray, Fruit tray, Salad, cold meat, cheese, bread, crockpot meatballs, soup, Pop, Bottled water

Dinner: Crockpot Chili, salad, Martins Fried Chicken, Crockpot Pot Roast, Pop, Bottled water

Redeemer Radio as a ministry relies on prayers to keep the station running. We are asking the faithful to keep in their prayers the success of Sharathon and that we are able to reach those who need to hear the message.

Sharathon Novena  

Pray the Prayer to Our Lady of Evangelization with us the 9 days leading up to the Sharathon. The Novena starts Sunday, April 19 and runs through Monday, April 27.

Sizzle Gifts!  

Everyone who calls in is eligible to win one of the sizzle gifts for the hour.  Each hour has exciting and different gifts that you might be able to win!  Check out the entire list of the 48 hours of the gifts Here>

Do you want to thank a company who donated a sizzle gift?  Here is the complete list of all of the companies and individuals that gave to Redeemer Radio for Sharathon.

Sharathon on Social Media  

The Sharathon is exciting to listen to, but it is also great to see some photos and video from the days!

Redeemer Radio is on Facebook with pictures from each hour!  You don't have to have a facebook to see the pictures, check them out!  There is also some great video on YouTube.  There are also some updates and information on Twitter!

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